My name is Emily Batemon. I live in Pinson, Alabama and enjoy traveling to different destinations that suite my clients' needs. So far, I've traveled as far north as Florence and as far south as Orange Beach to capture some beautiful photos for my clients.
I'm a dog lover! I live with my husband and our four dogs. Four dogs is a lot and I'm constantly at battle with our dog glitter (fur) decor. Their names are Turk, Carla, J.D., and Korra. Kuddos if you know where we got those names! I'm allergic to cats and my husband will tell you that he's quite thankful for that allergy. It's his insurance that I won't show up randomly with a feline family member. My husband and I got married in 2014 and he's only responsible for a quarter of the canine population here at the Batemon household. 
I enjoy photography (good thing, right?) and I think it shows during my sessions. My friends call me the "ultimate hype girl", because I get so excited at photo shoots. Ummm...what else? My favorite color is green! I like pop corn and boiled peanuts a lot. If you make a movie reference, I probably won't catch it. I'd rather listen to a book on Audible than have to sit still and watch a movie for 2+ hours.
Sincerely Southern Photography began as a hobby in 2018, a part-time job in 2020, and is now my full-time job as of October 2022. Sincerely Southern is photography with southern charm! I love meeting new people and catching up with my repeat clients. Being a full-time photographer allows me to have more flexibility when booking photo sessions and really helps with those photo gallery turn times! My turn time is 2 weeks unless otherwise stated. I am normally pretty good at getting galleries delivered within that first week, but sometimes my editing pipeline does get clogged and I get closer than I prefer to that 2 week mark. 
On the spectrum of editing styles with Light & Airy on one side and Dark & Moody on the other side, I describe my editing style as Clean and Colorful which I'd say is somewhere right in the middle. I like the true to life look with some of the colors to pop in order to bring a little extra life to an image. 
I think my favorite part of what I do is witnessing the growth of my clients' families. Words cannot describe the feelings that come with being booked for a Lifestyle Newborn session and then the same child's Smash Cake session. When I receive messages from mommas that tell me certain photos (or the entire gallery) brought tears to their eyes...that's what it's all about. 
I believe that photos should spark emotion and that photos are meant to be cherished.

Emily Batemon, photographer and owner of Sincerely Southern Photography.

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